Assignments Education & Training

  • A principal of  A&A  led the development of a Strategic Plan for the Institute of Education and Entrepreneurship of the Methodist University in 2017
  • A principal of A&A supported the Coordinating team and as well as being a rapporteur for the International Conference on Education, Development & Innovation (INCEDI) and International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Business & Technology (ICEBUT).
  • A principal of A&A has worked as a lecturer in entrepreneurship, and has trained over 500 students in this area.
  • A principal of A&A  has provided training to many business organisations on Ethics and Business Performance
  • A principal of A&A has undertaken training for staff and sub-contractors of mining companies in Akyem, Bogoso and Ahafo
  • A principal of the A&A trained and helped to set up the Marine Unit of the Ghana Police Service