Samuel Aning

Samuel Aning is a Ghanaian citizen with significant public and private sector management experience. He has postgraduate qualifications in Human Rights, Environmental Law, Law of the Sea, Law of Natural Resources and Public Sector Management.  Sam has worked in academia as a lecturer, as a management consultant and in private business.  Educated at the London School of Economics (UK), University of Science and Technology (Ghana) and Galilee College (Israel), Sam’s experience spans a wide area, having provided services in human resource management and orgaisational development, training, research, monitoring and evaluation, and policy development and analysis. Sam was a policy advisor in the Office of the President of Ghana with particular responsibility for Education, Youth and Sports, Women and Children’s Affairs, Health and Employment.  Sam made significant inputs to Public Sector Reforms, especially diagnostic studies and made recommendations for commercializing the operations of key public sector institutions.  Sam has also been active in the area of Pensions Administration and serves as an Independent Trustee on the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority Pension Funds.